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Why I Want YOU to Donate Money for My Kenya Trip

Greetings friends, family, and strangers!

If you have read my other posts, you know that I will be living and volunteering at an orphanage near Makuyu Village in Kenya for two weeks this summer.  I have found ways to pay for my trip, but I would really like to buy the children supplies that they need upon my arrival.  I was told that I should shop for some things ahead of time so that I can use them in lessons I teach as soon as I get there, but that I should mostly try to raise cash donations and purchase materials in a nearby village because it would stimulate the local economy, I can get more items for my money there in Kenya, and it is extremely expensive to pay to check extra bags.

I have been able to pay for my own experience as a volunteer, but I need your help to buy things that the children need.  Some of the supplies that the children need most include:

  • Sanitary pads for community girls & bras/underwear for girls size 10-12. 
  • Children vitamins 
  •  group games, puzzles, arts and craft items to make projects…like tie dye. 
  • Basic children’s reading books/ used novels for eager students – these can be bought locally. 
  • Notebooks, pencils, other school supplies
  • Shoes, backpacks, clothes, and food

Here in America, we have so much.  We have so much more than we could ever want or need.  At Watoto Wa Baraka, the orphanage where I will be volunteering, the children often don’t even have what they need.  Please sacrifice something you want but don’t need to help these children.  Even if you just sacrifice the pack of gum you wanted to buy and donate $2, that will help!  Please help me positively impact the lives of these children.


Here are some ways you could raise money to donate:

  • Instead of buying an extra pair of shoes you don’t need, donate the money to put shoes on a child who doesn’t have any good shoes.
  • Instead of buying another $5 DVD from Walmart, donate that money to buy school supplies.
  • Instead of going out to eat, skip ONE meal out and donate that money to buy food and supplies.
  • Instead of buying lunch at work or school, pack your lunch and donate the money you would have spent.
  • Instead of buying a new book, buy it used at your local used bookstore or get it at the library for free and donate the money you would have spent on the book.
  • Instead of getting dessert when you go out to eat, donate that money instead.

I truly appreciate any and all donations that are made.  Please contact me at if you would like more information.  To donate, follow the link below:

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