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The White Chapel Killer

I barely made it to Tower Hill Station in time to join in the Jack the Ripper tour. I am so glad I decided to get up and go instead of lazing around the Hostel tonight. Who knows if or when I will ever be in London again? Our tour ended at the Ten Bells Pub, which has the same interior decorating it did in the 1880s when most of the JTR victims frequented it. I went in and walked around to look at it but I left and didnt get a drink. From there (White Chapel) I decided that I wanted to walk to Tower Bridge. I then walked around the Tower of London and down a path that took me to a pier. I boarded a Thames Clipper boat and rode down to the London Eye and Parliament to see them at nighttime as I heard it would be a beautiful sight. Big Ben looked magnificent all lit up. I only had my iPhone to take pictures because I killed the battery in my phone at the HP studio tour and I didn’t want to carry the good camera around on a walking tour. I haven’t really seen most of the other fourteen people staying in the room with me, but there is currently a man standing in here snacking and staring at me. I just walked all over London at night by myself and this is easily the most uncomfortable I have been the entire trip. I am going to take a shower and hang out in the common room so that maybe he will go to sleep. I have been surprised by the number of adults I have seen staying in this hostel. I kind of thought this type of thing was more for people around my age.



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