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Airport Fiasco

I had a bit of a fiasco checking in at LHR with Etihad. Even though I checked the website and DOUBLE checked by calling the customer service hotline, they told me the wrong thing about how much weight I could carry onto the plane.  They ended up letting me shove things into one bag and not charging me extra, but I had to throw the new carry on that I just bought specifically for this trip in the trash.  At this point, I am jet lagged and completely exhausted from cramming as much as possible in while I was in London, so naturally I had a hysterical breakdown and started sobbing when they told me it was going to be £200 (roughly $300) to get my bags to their final destination.  They weren’t very helpful at first, but really didn’t seem like they wanted to deal with a hysterical passenger, so they helped me (kind of) in the end.  I am so so so tired.  I am going to get on this plane and pass out.

1 thought on “Airport Fiasco”

  1. Oh my goodness girl!! Chaos!! I really hope you make it ok & you get some sleep on the way!!! Keep your head up and you’ll be fine!!

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