Kenya Travel

Safari Safari! (July 11&12)

Mary and I road a matatu to Kenol, then had to transfer to another towards Nairobi and we saw the driver pay off the police, then were transferred to a bus that dropped us off in Nairobi. I had a problem at the ATM because my daily withdrawal limit is based on Pacific time. Stanley picked us up at Tusky’s and we road to another ATM where I got out the money to pay him. We stopped at a gas station to fill up and I bought a cold Coca Cola and some little cakes. We stopped to use the bathroom when we entered the great rift valley and I bought a handmade stuffed elephant for Falon. We continued our drive to Nurok, where we stopped at a hotel with a buffet. I had delicious chipati with rice and another cold Coca Cola. We haven’t seen any animals yet, but we are still 100km from Masai Mara. The scenery is so beautiful and it is a little surreal to be on an African safari right now. I am currently riding through the Great Rift Valley. EEK!! I called Apple and they told me that my iPhone won’t work unless I can connect to wireless internet. Ha!


We eventually did see LOTS of animals. We saw lionesses, a lion, lots of elephants, a leopard, giraffes from a distance, baboons, antelopes, gazelles, dik-diks, buffalo, wildebeests, hartebeests, jackals, and many types of birds. Kenya is beautiful and I can’t believe it is already almost time for me to leave. After the first safari we stayed at Flamingo Camp and two Masai men, one of whom was named Joseph, stayed up all night to guard the camp from being trampled by elephants. Joseph could speak a little English and he told me that his father has 7 wives and he was one of 31 children. He told me he had killed two lions and some elephants, too. The animals presented a threat to his herd of cattle and goats, so they had to die.

We got back to Watoto Wa Baraka last night and I didn’t realize how much I had missed the kids here. When we got back, they were so excited to see us and told us they had missed us a lot. John Mwangi got a giant smile on his face when he saw me and he immediately wanted me to pick him up. I did and he kissed me on the cheek. It was very sweet.  I worry about what happens to them when there are no volunteers around.  Corporal punishment is used ALL THE TIME.  The other day, I heard a child screaming and crying like they were being killed because they were being “caned.”  There isn’t really anything I can do about it other than offer all the children my love and be kind to them.

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