Kenya Travel

Friday, July 13, 2012

This morning I woke up at about 8:30 and helped Jacinta do the “correcting”, which is picking up the leaves from the gravel areas. Then I helped her sweep and wash the windows. The employees here do so much work, receive very little pay, and the orphanage is very understaffed.   The children pretty much never get any time with the staff, so the only lovin’ they really get is from volunteers.  I plan to talk to Geoffrey about it on the way to the airport. I also want to talk to him about a few windows that the kids told me have been broken for TWO YEARS. I realize that there aren’t always volunteers so money has to be put aside for those times, but there are FIVE ABV volunteers here, most of whom payed more than I did because they are staying longer than I am. It doesn’t make sense that the orphanage is so understaffed, the windows are broken, and many of the children are wearing clothing with holes. It makes me so sad.  I also found out that there are ENTIRE ROOMS full of stuff that past volunteers have brought or that has been donated at various times.  There are clothes, toys, and books, none of which the children are allowed access to.  It makes me so mad!!!

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