Week 7

On Wednesday, 21 August 2013, my language lesson included learning interrogatives such as why, which, and how. Last week the language groups switched LCFs (language teachers) and Kgaugelo taught our classes all week. After language, we had a lesson on writing and presenting then had time for lesson planning before I was the supporting teacher for Darren’s lesson on reading and viewing.

On Thursday, we studied a revision of expressing health status in language class before we had a session on speaking them time to lesson plan for the next day. I taught the lesson on writing and presenting, which didn’t go as well as my lesson on listening, but it went ok.

On Friday, we had mini LPIs in language class. LPI means language proficiency interview. I felt really good about how I did this time, which was a definite departure from our midterm. We then went to our village hub in Magongoa, where we met up with the PCTs who live in Mosesetjane to have a lesson on Multi-Grade teaching before our weekly village debrief. I got home and made delicious chocolate peanutbutter oatmeal no bake cookies then my language group came over to bake bread and cookies.

Saturday has it’s own post titled Jozi Fieldtrip.

On Sunday, I left my house at about 6:45AM to make my way to town. My dog friend, Tiger, walked me all the way from his home at the tuck shop to the taxi rank, which made me feel good. I got to town and got money at the atm, then sat and waited with a nice security guard named William while I waited for Melissa and Lizzy to arrive and for the cafe we like to go to, Maxi’s, to open. A good deal of our conversation was in Sepedi and several people stopped to listen and to talk with me. At Maxi’s, I got breakfast on toast, which was delicious. I also went to the book store to search for a copy of Long Walk to Freedom in Sepedi, but they didn’t have it. They did, however, have the Oxford Sepedi dictionary that I have been searching for for weeks. I also went to Game (owned by Walmart) and bought a kettle, utensils, and measuring cups for my upcoming move to permanent site. I bought four new tshirts at Jet because I have plenty of skirts, but not enough shirts to go more than six or so days without doing laundry. They were about R29 a piece, which means they were about $3 a piece. I went to the bookstore again with Lizzy and Melissa then went to checkers to get juice concentrate, chocolate, and brown sugar. We went to the Shoprite parking lot, where we caught a taxi to Mosesetjane for a party thrown by another PCT. PC transport took us home around 5 and I hung out, took a bath, and ate some dinner before talking to my brother and parents for a while then going to sleep.

Today, Monday, 26 August 2013, we didn’t start sessions until about 9:30, but I forgot that was happening so I got up at my usual time anyway. We had a debrief about our visit to the apartheid museum and several PC staff members shared very personal experiences. After the debrief, we had a session with Monica (a PCV) about language structures and conventions before having lunch, lesson planning for tomorrow, and walking over to the primary school for Darren to give his lesson on speaking. Afterwards, I went to the tuck shop and pet Tiger for a while before walking home. Once I got here, I started writing this blog post, which has taken a long time 🙂

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