#CatherineandTiffanyGoToLondon *or* More Information Than You Ever Wanted to Know About A Single Day of Traveling

Today started at the bright hour of 5AM with a swift kick in my face provided by Miss River Love. I wasn’t even mad, honestly. I was mostly just grateful to be waking up next to her for another morning. I know how cheesy that sounds, but I adore my dog and starting today, I am on my longest trip ever away from her. Sixteen days. At least I can talk to family and friends on the phone/via Facebook/through Whatsapp. River doesn’t understand where I’m going or how long it will be until I get back.

Anyway, after waking up at 5, I couldn’t really fall back asleep. We eventually went downstairs and I made a cup of tea while sort of running around making sure last minute things were packed.  I was able to fall back asleep for 45 minutes or an hour before I got up and I dropped River off at Doggie Daycare. By the time I returned home, Tiffany had arrived at my house and we had a squeally moment of excitement before Tiff went on a Walmart run and I took my last shower for the next 24 hours.

We got all of our stuff loaded up and sat with my mom in the living room for a while before saying goodbye to my dad then having my sweet mama drop us off at the airport. We got there around noon and our flight didn’t leave until 2:15, so we sat around talking and munching on snacks. On our first flight, there was a family sitting behind us with a boy who was probably about 8 years old. Throughout the flight they had multiple terrifying and completely unnecessary conversations about what could go wrong with the plane. This was mostly really anxiety provoking for me, but there were a few times that had both Tiffany and I giggling. The view over the Atlantic Ocean was beautiful. I particularly liked getting to see sandbar like areas far off of the coast. By the time our plane taxied to the gate, the sky was dark grey and lightning had begun to strike.

We had to leave the terminal where we arrived to reach the ticketing booth for our flight in the international terminal. Our mistake was not knowing that we wouldn’t be able to get to any food or drinks without going through security again, which we couldn’t do since the Norwegian ticketing desk wasn’t open yet so we couldn’t get our boarding passes. We started a line and spent some time singing songs. There was a moment of hope when I got a text message from Norwegian air with our boarding passes contained, but it was in norwegian. Thankfully, a nice young man behind us in line read it for us and told us that our boarding passes were indeed there. Unfortunately, just as we walked out of the front of the line, a gentleman told us that the people at security were not accepting electronic boarding passes and the nice people who had been behind us welcomed us back to our places in the front of the line. Neither of us had had an actual meal  today, so we were getting a little hangry by the time we finally went through security. We wandered around for a while when waiting for our table to be open at Chili’s and I had a milkshake while Tiffany went with a much healthier smoothie. I called my grandfather and wished him an early Happy 80th birthday. We sat down and ate at Chili’s and were pleasantly surprised that the food was good and negligible more expensive than at a typical Chili’s Restaurant. I took my night time meds as soon as we ate then changed into some comfier  clothes for the longest leg of our trip. Tiffany bought some snacks and filled up our water bottles and we spent some time sitting around waiting for our plane to start boarding.

Our plan once we get on the plane is to fall asleep as soon as possible so we will be well rested when we arrive in Oslo tomorrow. I will only be posting when I have WiFi until I can get a UK SIM card. Thanks to everyone who has sent us well wishes!!

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