For a budget airline, I think we are both pretty pleased with Norwegian and would use them again. At this point in the trip, the flight attendants seem a little cranky, but I think most people who spent 9 hours on a plane have a right to be. I know we were certainly exhausted by the time we even boarded.  

We are currently about an hour outside of Oslo. Once we arrive, we will go through border control and get Norwegian stamps on our passports!

Border control took quite a long time but the airport was lovely. We bought our tickets for the train to the airport on the other side of Oslo and sat down in a pizza restaurant to have some food and sit down. We found our train quite easily and made it to the station in Central Oslo, where we transferred to a different train to take us the rest of the way to the airport. There was a train employee who confirmed for us that we were getting on the right train then gave us specific instructions for what to do when we got off the train. We are very grateful to him.

There was a small amount of kerfuffle at the Oslo-Rygge airport because I had no idea that for some reason, there was a bottle opener in the bottom of my bag. It was flat, not sharp, and had a magnetic strip on the back. My best guess is that I maybe packed it in case family members needed it while we were at the beach and I missed it when unpacking my bag.

The funny thing is that is it made it through security into AVL, into FLL, and into OSL without anyone noticing. 

Anyway, Tiffany and I both think Norway is beautiful. I particularly enjoyed the parts of the train ride when we were passing by unidentifiable large bodies of water. We are both very tired and ready to be in the same place for more than a few hours. A final update for the day will come before we head to bed!
Special Update: the lovely flight attendant with RyanAir just let us move into an empty row so Tiffany finally gets a window seat and both of us finally get some personal space!  WE ❤️ RYANAIR!

We eventually arrived in London Stansed airport and took the Stansed Express train part way into London before transferring to a different line on the Tube a couple of times and making it to our AirBNB. The guys we are staying with are AMAZING. They are both funny, warm, welcoming, and so very helpful and kind. We are looking forward to getting to know them better throughout the week. We walked around the neighborhood a little bit and found at least four little grocery type shops, two kebab stands, a pizza place, and two pubs. Our hosts tell us this is a very safe area and indicated places outside of the neighborhood that we may not want to go into alone or at night.

Tiffany especially loves the snacks, the guidebooks, and the sweet note left in our bedroom. These AirBNB hosts are really top notch! (The houses even smells like lavender!)

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