September 7, 2015

Today we slept in! We didn’t wake up until about 11 and we putted around the flat for a little while before we really got going.
One of the cats slipped past me last night and got outside. We knew that the cats were allowed outside, but we were very nervous last night (and all of today) because we couldn’t get her to come inside and she stayed out all night. It turns out that is a pretty regular thing for her, but we were glad to hear this evening that she had come home this morning. Anyways, we spent a bit of time this morning trying to get her and the other cat to come inside, to no avail.

We left the flat and headed towards Charing Cross Rd. to pick up our London Passes to use later this week. We had the address for the office but had to use a map app for directions. We got a little lost but ended up accidentally wandering into Trafalgar Square. There were artists making chalk drawings and a man in a kilt playing the bagpipes. It was crowded, but so beautiful. I almost cried because the final Harry Potter premiere was at Trafalgar Square, so I know that the real queen (JK Rowling) has been there before.

We left Trafalgar Square to find the London Pass office again and passed it for a second time before realizing that the reason we couldn’t find it was because it was in the downstairs (underground) section of a round building that was sitting by itself on an island in the middle of the street. After finally picking up our London Passes so that we could use them on Friday, we got on the tube and headed out to find the Boroughs Market. 

I had read about a place in the Boroughs Market named Bread Ahead in a Buzzfeed article about London Streetfood that will change your life. Buzzfeed was not lying. In addition to the Bread Ahead stand, the market seemed to go on and on and on with every type of food you could think of. Tiffany and I each bought a meat pie from another vendor on the list, Pieminister. Tiffany bought a few different types of English sausage, a Yorkshire tea, and a salt beef sandwich. I bought a delicious slice of ginger cake and a bratwurst that I ultimately didn’t really like because it tasted like  sauerkraut even though there wasn’t any on it. I threw the bratwurst away and had another donut instead, meaning that I tried both their blackberry jam stuffed donut and their vanilla cream filled donut.

We left the market and decided to wander around for a little while. Our adventurous spirits were rewarded when we ran across a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship, the remains of Winchester Castle, Shakespeare’s Globe, Millenium Bridge (which the Death Eaters destroyed) and a pub called The Anchor where Shakespeare himself supposedly used to drink.

We left The Anchor and rode the underground to the London Eye. It was an amazing experience and the photos from my iPhone really don’t do it justice. When we got off of the London Eye, we walked across the bridge and saw The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and  the big gate at the end of the road where 10 Downing Street is before the wandering a little farther and finding ourselves at Trafalgar Square by accident for the second time today. We stopped in a Pret A Manger to get drinks and to get croissants before catching the tube back to Manor House, where we are staying.


This is my first experience with AirBNB and I could not be more pleased. Our hosts, Bryan and Gian Paolo, are kind, helpful, warm, and welcoming. I would definitely recommend staying with them to anyone who is coming to London.

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