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@JaredPadalecki is a Grade A Jerk. (And here’s why @DanSpilo sucks, too) #SPN #Supernatrual #JaredPadalecki #DanSpilo

This blog post is not going to make me popular with the Supernatural Family/ Supernatural Fans, but it is honest and it is true and that is ultimately what matters to me.  I used to be one of you, but I just can’t be anymore after the way I’ve been treated.  Please try to understand that before blasting me with hatred.

You may recall the below post, all the way from back in August of 2016.  That’s right, almost a whole year ago.  In it, I detail the long process by which I find out that I’ve won a contest and I’m supposed to receive a phone call from Jared Padalecki (of Supernatural and Gilmore Girls fame) and then am slowly and repeatedly let down by him, the Represent team, and his team who clearly don’t care about his public image or how he hurts his fans.  I’d like to note that I was alternatively very manic and very depressed (but mostly very depressed) for the time all this was happening and that my mental health was far from good, to the extent that ECT (electro-convulsive-therapy/ shock treatments) were something my doctor and I were considering.  As someone who claims to be a mental health advocate, you would think Jared would want to take care of his fans and keep his promises to them, but you would be wrong.

In addition to everything you see below, there were several texts from Jared’s manager, Dan Spilo, claiming that Jared had forgotten the phone call or describing various reasons why it must be postponed including everything from “I just texted him and he said “OMG no I didn’t I’ll do it this week, what did she say?” to “a family member is sick.”  The last text I received from him said “He is out of country but I’ll remind him in the new year” and was received on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016.  A text from me in February, April, May, and June all received no response from Dan Spilo, despite him assuring me multiple times that the phone call would in fact take place.

For someone who claims to understand and care about mental illness, it is blatantly obvious that Jared doesn’t care about MY mental illness.  He seems to give little to no thought to how his actions could affect someone else with a serious mental condition.  As much as he has an understanding of depression and anxiety, he very clearly lacks the empathy required to comprehend what it may be like to have Bipolar Disorder and have your hopes and dreams dashed because a celebrity you greatly admire can’t find five minutes out of his busy schedule in a whole year to make a phone call he promised to make.

In addition to the texts back and forth between me and Dan, I even sent the open letter I wrote to him and to Jared’s publicist as an actual paper letter.  I never even heard back from the publicist.  This just shows me that both Dan and the publicist lack any type of care for what Jared’s public image is, which is a shame because before all of this happened, I sort of worshipped the ground the guy walked on.  Now, I’ve completely boycotted this entire season of Supernatural and all things related to it because I’m so pissed off at the way I have been treated.

So here’s perhaps the final update: I’m now positive the phone call won’t happen even though I was promised over and over again that it would.  Dan won’t return my text messages and Jared hasn’t found the time to call in almost a year, which leads me to feel like both of them are behaving like assholes.  I’m so very disappointed in both of them and in the way that they chose to treat this devoted fan.  Jared has forever lost a fan who greatly loved, respected, and admired him.

An Open Letter to Jared Padalecki’s Manager and Publicist

UPDATE 4/10/2017: Dan Spilo still not returning texts, still no phone call.

UPDATE 3/8/2017:  I still have not received a phone call and Dan Spilo has stopped returning my texts.

UPDATE 12/31/2016: I received a t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt, and buttons from the “Family Always Has Your Back” campaign.  When I talked to Dan, he said that Jared was out of the country and he would remind him about the phone call in the new year.

UPDATE 12/20/2016: No change since the last update. Last communication from Dan was in November.

UPDATE 12/6/16: The phone call hasn’t taken place, the shirt Dan Spilo (Jared’s agent) promised me hasn’t arrived, and Dan has stopped returning communication.  This whole business is really shady and upsetting.  Nothing should have been promised if nothing was going to happen.

UPDATE 10/21/16: The phone call still hasn’t taken place and I haven’t heard from Jared’s manager in a month.

UPDATE 9/22/16: The phone call still hasn’t taken place and has been postponed.

UPDATE 8/26/16: The phone call still has not taken place, but Jared’s manager seems like he is on top of it. I am hopeful that it will take place this week or next. I know Jared is very busy with work.

UPDATE 8/15/16: I heard from Jared’s manager and the phone call slipped through the cracks.  It WILL still be happening! Represent doesn’t speak for Jared or his team. I’m so relieved that they didn’t know what had happened. They do t shirts well but not so much customer service.

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Catherine Cottam and I received an e-mail from Jennifer with Represent.Com on June 27, 2016 letting me know that I was one of three lucky customers to receive a call from Jared Padalecki as a thank you for supporting the “I Am Enough” campaign. She said “the call will take place sometime this week.” I e-mailed her back the next day as soon as I saw the e-mail with my phone number and some additional information.

I contacted her again on July 7th as the week had come and gone but I had not received a phone call. She let me know on July 8th that Jared had gotten super busy with work and that the Represent team had just sent him a text to remind him to give me a call. For the following three weeks, I didn’t go anywhere without my phone being right by my side. I emailed Jennifer several times with no response before getting an e-mail that bounced back saying her e-mail account had been suspended.

At this point, I was starting to think the phone call might never take place. I attempted to contact Jared and Represent on Twitter. I tweeted that I had won a phone call but had yet to receive it and the people at Represent said the phone call was being rescheduled and that they would e-mail me with more information. That was on July 26th. When I still hadn’t heard anything on August 3rd, I attempted to e-mail and

On August 8th, I attempted to contact them via Twitter and Facebook private messages. In addition to refusing to respond to any of my e-mails about the phone call, part of my order had been delayed and, at the time, I thought they had only sent me one shirt of the three I had ordered. I opened a case with the Better Business Bureau to see if I could get the rest of my order, get refunded for the previous order I had cancelled, and get them to respond to me to let me know what was going on with the phone call situation.

Today, I received an e-mail from Filip from letting me know that Jared got really busy and the phone call will not be taking place at all, in spite of their earlier e-mail and Jared himself posting about it on Facebook. He informed me that his colleagues have tried to arrange the call “with Jared’s team” but he hopes I “understand that people as busy as Jared are very difficult to get hold of.” I told him that I do understand that, but that a phone call shouldn’t have been promised if it is never going to be made. This is bad business and is bad branding for Jared. I feel frustrated that I have just now been informed that the phone call will not take place. Jared said he would call someone who purchased a shirt. Represent and Jared both said one of those people would be me. I have bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder and Jared has been such a role model to me with how open he is about his struggle with mental illness, but I am so so very disappointed in him and in now.

I have purchased several shirts from in the past and have six of Jared’s campaign shirts, but I’m afraid I can’t in good conscience support Jared’s campaigns if he isn’t going to keep his promises. I had to be hospitalized for mania at the end of May and I took one Always Keep Fighting shirt and two Love Yourself First shirts with me. The nurses on the psychiatric unit loved them as they, like me, are huge Supernatural fans.

Please let Jared know that his campaigns meant a lot to me and that I’m sorry I can no longer contribute to them. I just thought you should know that all of this happened and that it was handled terribly by the folks over at At this point, I don’t expect a phone call, but I would appreciate a real explanation from someone about why I was lied to.


Catherine Cottam

Edit: To be clear, the goal here is to make Jared’s management team aware of what was said in their name by represent and to hopefully receive some type of explanation about it.