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Travel Journal

Here are the daily questions I have prepared for myself in my travel journal.  I will also have a page for my itinerary both ways, a page each day for photos, and a page each day for me to share thoughts and feelings  I am making this journal for myself but also for the people I love who want to hear all about my trip when I return.  Because of this, I feel it is important to get the opinion of you all 🙂  Please let me know in the comments here or by e-mail at what other questions you believe my travel journal should include.  They don’t have to something  I can answer each day.  It could be something you just wish to know about my experience or a question you would like to ask yourself when traveling to help you remember something significant.


Where I Was

What I ate for breakfast

What I ate for lunch

What I ate for dinner

Who I met

What I did

What I miss from home

What the weather was like

One good thing that happened today

One not so good thing that happened today

Something I am grateful for today